Apocalypse Sold Out® is an internationally registered fashion brand with Design & Production strictly Made in Italy, the clothing collections are in Limited Edition every six months and the 'SOLD OUT' affirms the exclusive uniqueness of each garment.
ApocalisseSoldOut ® is the definitive style, the luxury streetwear fashion brand that blends traditional Italian tailoring techniques with contemporary design, with the aim of creating original and timeless garments.

Manufacturing 🇮🇹

For us, the quality of the product is essential: every detail is thought out, studied and cared for in every part.
The entire production process of the garments is made in Italy by a certified manufacturing company with proven experience.
In production we only use fine yarns and Made in Italy craftsmanship, aiming to achieve maximum results.
Our internal production chain is made up of the high-level manufacturing together with the printing works and the embroidery factory, and the entire production process is followed at every step.
For textile production we use 100% high quality cotton to offer maximum comfort in terms of temperature and best feeling of fit.
We do not use components such as plastic or synthetic fibers to help the environment, and some of our packaging is ecologically recyclable.
All ApocalisseSoldOut® garments are made with care and experience exclusively by Italian staff.
These are the strengths that have always distinguished ApocalisseSoldOut® in the knitwear sector.